Product Description

SMS Broadcast
From the comfort of your desk, you can send SMS messages out to thousands of your customers using a simple web-based application. SMS Broadcast is perfect for contacting larger groups of people with your latest news. It’s easy to use and has full reporting online. You can also personalise and schedule your messages.

How is it used?How is it used?
To use SMS Broadcast, log in to provided webs site, load your list of recipients using a simple .csv file, type your message and submit them. Any replies from your customers will be automatically captured by the reporting system.

SMS Broadcast is used to notify larger groups about your latest information.
Popular uses include:
• Marketing campaigns
• Latest offers or sales
• Promotional vouchers
• Meeting reminders

How do I get it?How do I get it?
A quick call to Grapevine sales (see number below) will allow us to send you an application form and get you going. Alternatively, Submit your details below and we’ll call you.

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