Product Description

SMS Applink
SMS Applink allows you to easily message-enable your company software applications. Many systems can be enhanced by automatically generating notification SMSs to your customers to encourage a call-to-action. It’s very easy for developers to use and you get full real-time reporting online as well.

How is it used?How is it used?
To submit one or more SMS messages, your system must send an XML packet to the Grapevine platform using HTTP. We will provide the XML schema for your developer and work with them to get you going quickly.

SMS Applink is primarily aimed at automating messages from existing software systems.
Popular uses include:
• Bank notifications
• Payment reminders
• Monitoring system alerts
• Meeting reminders

How do I get it?How do I get it?
A quick call to Grapevine sales (see number below) will allow us to send you an application form and get you going. Alternatively, Submit your details below and we’ll call you.

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