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Outlook SMS
SMS Mail
Use Outlook SMS to enable your Outlook Email to send and receive SMS messages. With Outlook SMS it's just as easy for you to send a SMS directly from your computer as it is from your mobile phone. Plus there is no need to install a separate SMS tool because it all happens in Outlook, just like your email.

How is it used?How is it used?
Outlook SMS appears as a button on Microsoft Outlook’s menu bar enabling instant SMS messaging. Clicking the button pops up the Outlook SMS Messaging Screen. Simply compose your SMS in this screen and insert your recipients in the TO field. Recipients may be selected directly from your Outlook Address Book.
How Does SMS Mail Work?
Send an Email to SMS – Sending SMS using your email is easy! First we authorise your email address on our system to allow you to send SMS through your emailsystem. Then we issue you an authorisation code, which goes into the subject line of each Email to SMS you send. You then type an email with an address of and your message.

SMS Broadcast is used to notify larger groups about your latest information.
Popular uses include:
• Meeting reminders
• Notifications

How do I get it?How do I get it?
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