Product Description

MMS Lite (using XML)
While MMS Lite can be used from a web frontend, it can also be used to automate richer messages from almost any system using the MMS Lite API. This allows you to enhance your automated messages to your customers with both images and up to 500 characters of text, as well as low-cost reply functionality.

How is it used?How is it used?
To use the MMS Lite API, your developers will send an XML packet of data, defining your message and recipients, using HTTP to Grapevine’s MMS Lite platform. Full on-line reporting is also provided.

MMS Lite is very useful when you want to include your brand in your messages by using your company logo, or offer richer message content with images and more text.
Uses include:
• Marketing campaigns
• New business generators
• Promotional vouchers

How do I get it?How do I get it?
A quick call to Grapevine sales (see number below) will allow us to send you an application form and get you going. Alternatively, Submit your details below and we’ll call you.

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