Product Description

Bulk MMS
When you want to combine several content types into a single message, you should consider using MMS. This will allow you to include text, images, sound and video in your message. With Bulk MMS, you can send these messages to a large audience very rapidly. Full reporting is provided as well.

How is it used?How is it used?
To use Bulk MMS, you provide Grapevine with the items of content you want to include in the message, and the desired sequence of viewing. Grapevine will package this into a so-called SMIL file, which we will then use to submit the bulk send.

Bulk MMS is used where very rich messaging is required – particularly if you need sound or video, and if you are satisfied that your target group is likely to have MMS-enabled mobile phones.
Uses include:
• Marketing campaigns
• Promotional vouchers
• Teaser campaigns

How do I get it?How do I get it?
A quick call to Grapevine sales (see number below) will allow us to send you an application form and get you going. Alternatively, Submit your details below and we’ll call you.

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